7 Easy Ways to Jump-Start Sales in 2021


It is time to turn your attention to creating a winning formula for sales success in 2021. Your sales performance in the New Year will hinge upon the strategic sales plan that you prepare, so it is critical to develop a systematic plan of attack. Below are 7 ways to jump start your sales in the new year!

1. Set your 2021 goals and incentivize yourself to attain them. Take some time to sit down and write down your specific goals for the year. One way to do this is to create a two column table. On the left hand side, list your professional goals for 2021. On the right hand side, list a reward or incentive that you will give to yourself as you achieve each goal. Make sure that your goals are challenging, yet attainable. I personally find it best to share these goals with at least one other person to help hold myself accountable.

2. Make proactive customer outreach your top New Year’s resolution. A proactive approach is one of the most underutilized elements of the sales process. But you will need to go beyond simply stating this as your New Year’s resolution. Identify key steps that you will take to become more proactive in your approach. Examples may include distributing a quarterly client newsletter with helpful tips and using scheduling reminders to follow up with customers 10 days after each sale.

3. Create a sales mentor program. A mentor program is a great solution for organizations that are seeking to add talented new sales representatives to their sales force. Even if you operate as an independent sales representative, you can energize your performance by mentoring an intern or sales assistant. You may end up hiring the person you are mentoring and far exceeding your 2021 goals.

4. Take advantage of training and personal development opportunities. I like to say, “I am either getting better or worse. Nothing stays the same.” It is imperative that we are constantly learning and growing. Achieving your sales goals in an increasingly competitive environment will be difficult if you do not stay on top of the latest cutting-edge techniques and products. Make sure that you actively participate in any continuing education opportunities and take advantage of free training opportunities or seminars in your area.

5. Identify and target emerging markets for your industry. Tapping into under-served markets is a great way to grow your sales. For instance, a home re-modeler who has discovered that homes in his area are repeatedly failing their air quality control tests, may wish to expand his scope of training and services to include duct cleaning services and mold removal.

6. Keep a watchful eye on other successful sales professionals in your industry. Staying a step ahead of your competitors is another great resolution for the New Year. You can monitor your competition through involvement in industry associations and events. Remember, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! In many cases there may be opportunities to partner and further develop your skills and sales. Surround yourself with successful people.

7. Survey existing customers to find out your strengths and weaknesses. Your ability to increase your sales in 2021 depends upon your ability to capitalize on your strengths and address your weaknesses. Obtaining customer feedback is the best way to assess your performance and can be achieved by distributing a short questionnaire. Be sure to ask customers what you can do to improve the customer experience. Let them know that both positive and constructive feedback will be warmly received. If they had a positive experience, this can also be a great time to ask for testimonials or referrals.

BONUS TIP: The start of the New Year is an exciting time to unveil a new product, program or service. Use online marketing to start building anticipation as early as possible so your customers will be interested in exploring a purchase as soon as it is available.

By incorporating these specific strategies into your business plan for 2021, you will position yourself to have a fabulous year. Time to sell like ya mean it!


Lynne Jensen-Nelson, founder of Conversion-omics Speakers & Consultants is a highly sought after keynote speaker and business strategist. Driven to inspire, Lynne specializes in effective communication strategies, profitable sales processes, and active brand management. She has also earned the Virtual Presenter Certification which is a test of a presenter’s equipment, environment, and skill using remote presentation tools.

An award-winning industry expert with over 20 years of experience developing successful sales teams, Lynne is known for providing immediately applicable information and techniques every time she takes the stage. Her high energy presentations keep the audience actively engaged and leaves them with practical solutions to improve their approach to sales. All services can be delivered virtually, live stream or on-site.

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