Lynne Jensen-Nelson is a Certified Virtual Presenter

LJN Certified Virtual Presenter

While unprecedented circumstances related to COVID-19 have forced companies and the event industry as a whole to pause, step back, pivot, and make remarkable changes in the short term, there is no doubt the power of connection and community will prevail.

According to 87% of event marketers said they have canceled—and 66% have postponed—events as a result of COVID-19. 93% of event professionals plan to invest in virtual events moving forward. The event format is changing, but the goals remain the same: networking, information and retention. 

The massive shift to online conferences highlighted the urgent need for event organizers to find speakers who can deliver their content remotely.

eSpeakers was quick to answer this need by creating their Virtual Presenter Certification which is a test of a presenter’s equipment, environment, and skill using remote presentation tools. Speakers are tested for:
– Solid equipment setup
– Presentation background environment free of distraction
– Internet connection speed and quality
– Ability to recover from disconnection and return quickly
– Good use of visual aids

Each certification provides a “virtual proof” video so event organizers can see the presenter using the tools.

The Certified Virtual Presenter standard has support from leading industry organizations:
– Meeting Professionals International
– Smart Meetings
– Senior Planners Industry Network

“It was so nice to hear from a knowledgeable, hardworking, unapologetically positive role model. Her energy and passion are very much appreciated.”
Emily Anderson | eBanking Operations, FLAGSHIPBANK

Are you considering hosting a virtual event or transitioning an in-person event to virtual? We can help. Lynne is a dynamic speaker who creates a successful event experience for your organization. A recent participant in one of Lynne’s virtual speaking events described her experience as, “It was so nice to hear from a knowledgeable, hardworking, unapologetically positive role model. Her energy and passion are very much appreciated.” We work collaboratively to create a custom topic to suit your audience or event needs specifically! All services can be delivered virtually, live stream or on-site. Contact us today and start creating your perfect presentation. Click here to book a complimentary phone call to learn more.


Lynne Jensen-Nelsojensen 4120basicn, founder of Conversion-omics Speakers & Consultants is a highly sought after keynote speaker and business strategist. She’s earned numerous honors including National Sales Leadership Champions Circle, Platinum Award for Distinguished Sales Leadership, and BPW-Woman of the Year. She is known for action-packed presentations and immediately applicable strategies to increase sales and improve customer experience. 

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