Now What? Thoughts on Positioning Your Business for the Second Half.


What now?

For most of us, the year started out relatively normal and then, in the blink of an eye, the world turned upside down. No one could have predicted the impact that the Corona-virus would have on our lives or our businesses.

So, what do we do now? While we wait to see if restrictions will loosen or stay the same, we shouldn’t put our lives, or our businesses, completely on hold. There are some things we can and should do while we’re stuck waiting for the next shoe to drop, or not.

First, and foremost is solvency. Most businesses have already taken aggressive action to keep their business afloat, if possible, such as cutting costs, conserving cash and finding new sources of cash. I hope all those who can have taken advantage of the government programs for businesses (and individuals as well). While all of this is painful, it is necessary to try and keep from closing the doors for good.

Second, we must adjust on the fly to the new reality. The world and our customers are learning how to function virtually or at a 6 foot distance for most everything we do and need. What does this mean for your business? Can you operate virtually? Can your product or service be purchased and delivered without any personal interaction? If so, what tools or systems do you need to make this happen? Again, most businesses have probably (hopefully) already taken some kind of action along these lines. However, the situation is evolving and changing rapidly so we need to keep reviewing and adjusting every single week, if not daily.

Third, plan for the near-term future. Strategic thinking is usually a multi-year exercise but in the current environment, we need to look out weeks and months right now versus years. We just don’t know what things will look like even this fall so focus on what you do know and what you can plan for over the next 90-180 days. As restrictions start to ease and people are able to move around a bit more, what will that mean for your business? What precautions will you need to take in your business to allow customers to come to you in-person? Do you need to bring employees in or back and what additional safety measures will you need? Are there additional on-line solutions you can offer for increasing sales and delivery? Do you have any special offerings for your product or service that could bring in more customers? What about your supply chain? Are they able to gear up to support you or are they on-hold or behind? These are just a few things to think about as we start to emerge from the current “stay at home” situation.

In the end, we can all spend a lot of time and energy wringing our hands over the government imposed restrictions on what is, or isn’t essential. A better approach, both personally and professionally, should be to try and focus on what we can control vs. what we cannot and plan for tomorrow as best we can. But make no mistake, whatever the future holds, it is not going to be the old “normal”!

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Brian Gora | Speaker & Consultant, Conversion-omics

Brian Gora is a former US Army aviation officer, combat veteran, business owner and career Fortune 500 global senior executive. He’s a respected business expert who combines years of military experience and a career in executive leadership to inspire all levels of leaders. Brian’s real-life experience fuels his passion for strategic business and leadership development and has brought his intentional approach to organizations throughout the world. He led large companies and served as a chairperson/board member on multiple international ventures. Brian uses his unique, multi-dimensional global perspective to shape creative and innovative business solutions for organizations of all sizes.

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