Meet the Team

The Conversion-omics team is jam packed with award winning speakers and business professionals eager to help organizations succeed. Coming together with different skills, experience, and specialties, our team can provide your organization a wide variety of speaking and workshop topics, as well as expert business strategy. From sales training to leadership advancement, our team has you covered! All services can be delivered virtually, live stream or on-site.

Lynne Jensen-Nelson

Founder, Speaker, Business Strategist
Training - Sales, Communication & Leadership

Lynne is a nationally recognized sales leader and sought after inspirational speaker. With 20+ years of experience developing sales teams and coaching business owners, Lynne knows what it takes to win at sales. She is a fierce competitor and pushes herself and others to do their best to maximize each and every selling opportunity. Lynne founded Conversion-omics for the sole purpose of educating and inspiring groups to reach peak performance and uses keynote speaking, workshops, and business strategy coaching to transfer key lessons learned from her years of experience to organizations across the country.

Professional Summary

Lynne began her career as an educator and athletics/fine arts coach. Teaching helped her develop a keen eye for finding the right way to motivate people and experience needed to effectively educate and inspire. After earning a Master’s Degree in Communication, she parlayed her teaching and communication background into a successful career in sales. She climbed the ranks until she reached executive manager at a Fortune 500 company. She didn’t stop there! Lynne founded Conversion-omics to share the keys to her success with others, and strives daily to elevate her team and her clients.

Lynne Jensen Award Winning Speaker

Speaking Topics

Create a Sales Process that DRIVES RESULTS


Apply DISC Communication Strategies

The Ultimate Guide to Excellent Customer Service

Communicate with CONFIDENCE

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Conversion-omics speakers will work collaboratively to create a custom topic to suit your audience or event needs specifically! All services are deliverable virtually, live stream or on-site. Contact us today and start creating your perfect presentation. 

High Energy

"Lynne has become my personal benchmark for outstanding Sales Leadership. She brings a combination of high energy, high integrity, strong business acumen and high-end communication skills to every interaction."

Kevin Larraby | VP Human Resources, Westwood Professional Services



"Lynne is genuinly passionate about helping people grow their business and this is rare to find. I highly recommend that if you have the opportunity to work with Lynne that you take advantage of it!"

Vanessa Frisch | Sr Mortgage Consultant, Wintrust Mortgage

Wintrust Mortgage


"Lynne carries a wonderful presence in the room, and is empowering to listen to. She can draw in the audience with her quick wit, and leads the room with providing useful factual information while training you to be a better salesperson."

Allyssa Hurlock | Realtor, Edina Realty

Edina Realty

Brian Gora

Speaker, Consultant
Training - Leadership

Brian is an energetic, engaging, and deeply genuine speaker who combines nearly 40 years of military aviation experience and a career as a Fortune 500 global senior executive to inspire all levels of leaders to be the best they can be. Throughout his career, Brian witnessed firsthand what happens when leaders fail and he uses his substantial real-life experience to fuel his passion for leadership development and strategic business improvement.

Professional Summary

Brian Gora is a former U.S. Army aviation officer, combat veteran, business owner and career Fortune 500 global senior executive. He has experience leading highly complex manufacturing and technology businesses primarily in the Aerospace industry. Brian has been all over! He has brought his expertise throughout North and South America and to Great Britain, Hong Kong, Spain, Indonesia, and Japan. He has had P&L responsibility for large, multi-national business operations with facilities around the globe and served as a chair and board member in multiple international joint ventures. To bring his passion for good leadership to others, Brian developed a successful leadership academy to teach critical skills to leaders at all levels. A high energy consultant and speaker, Brian uses his unique military, aviation and global business perspective to deliver compelling workshops and presentations.

Brian Gora - Awards

Speaking Topics

Creating a Strategic Plan

Embrace the Red

Build Your Business on a Strong Foundation

Establishing an Intentional Culture

Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit

Need a specific topic?

Conversion-omics speakers will work collaboratively to create a custom topic that suits your audience or event needs specifically! Contact us today and start working with a Conversion-omics consultant to create your perfect presentation.

Clear Vision

"I was part of the Executive Leadership Team with Brian at a Fortune 500 Company when he was President of a large, successful business segment. Brian has the ability to communicate a clear vision and purpose at all levels of the business which is engaging and motivating. Whether Brian is presenting a large [or small] group, he is clear, confident, passionate and convincing."

Don Reynolds

Lorri Kelley

Speaker, Consultant
Training - Leadership

Lorri Kelley is a passionate keynote speaker committed to helping her audience achieve business excellence. She provides the foundation to equip, educate and empower professionals in all industries. She works diligently to earn the role as a trusted advisor and draws from the lessons she has learned as an award winning business leader to provide engaging and insightful keynote presentations.

Professional Summary

Lorri’s commitment to results, coupled with more than 25 years of executive leadership and sales experience, is proven to help clients accomplish their goals. She executes consistently through implementing and presenting educational programs, on-site strategic planning and consulting, facilitation of performance groups, and keynote speaking.

Lori Kelley

Speaking Topics

T.R.A.C.T.I.O.N Methods for Business Mastery

Lead On! 7 Common Characteristics of Highly Effective Leaders

Market Share Dominance: Own Your Marketplace

The Power of The Exceptional Customer Experience

Achieving Balance in an Unbalanced World

Need a specific topic?

Conversion-omics speakers will work collaboratively to create a custom topic that suits your audience or event needs specifically! Contact us today to start creating your perfect presentation.

Practical & Actionable

"Lorri's passion and commitment come through clearly in her presentations. The information she offers is practical and actionable."

Bill McLoughlin, Editor in Chief, Furniture Today

Glen Dall

Speaker, Coach
Training - Leadership

Glen is an authentic, charismatic and energizing speaker that brings a positive impact to any room. From humble beginnings on an assembly line to public company CEO, he has learned from hard-won personal experience how to grow people, products, and businesses. His relatable style, direct messages, and confidence translates into inspiring and actionable value for the audience. His mission is to help others realize their successes in business, career, and life.

Professional Summary

After climbing the ladder in the automotive industry from factory worker to test-driver to manager, Glen put himself through college and earned a marketing degree. He developed a reputation for taking on challenging roles and growing revenue, customers, and teams. He helped lead a $400M private company through an IPO, international expansion and product diversification into a $2.4B company. Then he facilitated the turnaround of an ailing public company as COO and then CEO. Glen and his team took it from multi-million-dollar losses to profitability and 40% growth in 18 months. He is now dedicated to helping others grow their careers as a business coach and keynote speaker.

Speaking Topics

Creating a Culture of "A Players"

The Top 5 barriers to Great Leadership

Grow Your Company – A Roadmap for Scaling Up

Why Settle for Good , When You Can Be Great?

What Do You Want to do When You Grow Up?

Need a specific topic?

Conversion-omics speakers will work collaboratively to create a custom topic that suits your audience or event needs specifically! Contact us today and start creating your perfect presentation.

“A master of the podium”

Rob Biesenbach, Keynote Speaker/Author of The 11 Deadly Presentation Sins

Set Apart

"Glen has all the skill and acumen you could ask for, and more. What sets him apart from most in the field is that he’s ‘been there, done that' as a public company CEO and entrepreneur"

Tom Kippola, Co-Founder & Managing Partner The Chasm Group