Glen Dall

Speaker, Coach
Training - Leadership & Team Assessment

Glen is an authentic, charismatic and energizing speaker that brings a positive impact to any room. From humble beginnings on an assembly line to public company CEO, he has learned from hard-won personal experience how to grow people, products, and businesses. His relatable style, direct messages, and confidence translates into inspiring and actionable value for the audience. His mission is to help others realize their successes in business, career, and life.

Professional Summary

After climbing the ladder in the automotive industry from factory worker to test-driver to manager, Glen put himself through college and earned a marketing degree. He developed a reputation for taking on challenging roles and growing revenue, customers, and teams. He helped lead a $400M private company through an IPO, international expansion and product diversification into a $2.4B company. Then he facilitated the turnaround of an ailing public company as COO and then CEO. Glen and his team took it from multi-million-dollar losses to profitability and 40% growth in 18 months. He is now dedicated to helping others grow their careers as a business coach and keynote speaker.

Speaking Topics

Creating a Culture of "A Players"

The Top 5 barriers to Great Leadership

Grow Your Company – A Roadmap for Scaling Up

Why Settle for Good , When You Can Be Great?

What Do You Want to do When You Grow Up?

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“A master of the podium”

Rob Biesenbach, Keynote Speaker/Author of The 11 Deadly Presentation Sins

Set Apart

"Glen has all the skill and acumen you could ask for, and more. What sets him apart from most in the field is that he’s ‘been there, done that' as a public company CEO and entrepreneur."

Tom Kippola, Co-Founder & Managing Partner The Chasm Group