Shawn Rhodes

Speaker, Strategist, Moderator
Sales, Change Management & Communication

Working with Shawn Rhodes means benefitting from the same insights that capture success and eliminate failure in the most stressful environments on earth. He provides the foundation to sell more and continuously improve the way sales people serve their clients.

Professional Summary

Shawn Rhodes leveraged his former life as a war correspondent to become an international expert in how the best teams pivot and scale success. He's a Tampa-based TEDx speaker and his work studying teams in more than two dozen countries - some the most dangerous places on the planet - has been published in news outlets including TIME, CNN, NBC, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and INC. Shawn is also a nationally-syndicated columnist with the Business Journals and author of Bulletproof Selling: Systemizing Sales For The Battlefield Of Business.

Flexible Packaging Association shoot. Chicago IL. October 4, 2018. Photo by Andrew Collings.

Speaking Topics

BULLETPROOF SELLING: Systemizing Sales For The Future of Business

PIVOT POINT: Thriving In Crisis

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Valuable Information

"Shawn presented Bullet Proof Sales at our virtual Annual Meeting. His presentation hit the mark and provided alot of valuable information. Our members were able to implement the strategies they learned into thier processes."

Craig Addington | Executive Director, National Association of Graphic & Product Identification Manufacturers

Highly Recommend

"We had Shawn discuss pivot points with 65 of our leaders. This was my second time I've had the pleasure of seeing Shawn present, I was equally impressed the second time as I was the first time I saw him, which is why I brought him in to present to the PAC Worldwide group. I highly recommend Shawn."

Steve Foster | Chief Sales Officer, PAC Worldwide

Very Engaging

"We had Shawn present at our virtual Leadership Conference. Shawn contributed to the success of our event, he set the tone for the two day conference and was able to keep everyone very engaged."

Liz McCabe | VP of Education & Programming, Associated Equipment Distributors