Virtual Presentations Are Here to Stay


Connecting, collaborating, and partnering has never been easier than in today’s digital landscape. The professional speaking industry rallied in 2020, and quickly produced an effective solution to the cancellation of in-person events with the birth of the Virtual Presenter Certification. Fast forward to today, and virtual presentations have become a cornerstone of the industry because of their many benefits:

  • Less scheduling– there is no need to book an event space or plan for parking.
  • Lower costs- no travel, hotel, or food expenses.
  • Convenience- participants on a tight schedule can join from wherever they are.
  • Increased attendance- the efficiency of virtual presentations allows for higher attendance rates.

A proudly displayed Certified Virtual Presenter badge is a sound symbol of trust, reliability, and confidence within the speaking industry. 

Leave nothing to chance 

By selecting a Certified Virtual Presenter, event planners are guaranteed a pre-vetted speaker who has proven they have the environment, equipment, and skill to successfully present to online audiences. Each certification removes the guesswork in selecting a digital presenter and promises a proven expert

Save time 

Each applicant who enters the certification process undergoes close examination of their audio, video, bandwidth, and lighting. This assures event planners that their Certified Virtual Presenter will look good, sound clear, and know how to manage the necessary meeting tools that go with an online presentation. The certification even provides a short “Virtual Proof Video,” in which speakers show off their online presence in a pre-recorded video for potential clients to view.

The standard has been set

Industry leading organizations have set the bar high through their full support of the Virtual Presenter Certification:

  • Meeting Professionals International
  • eSpeakers
  • SPIN (Senior Planners Industry Network)
  • Smart Meetings

Conversion-omics makes virtual easy

Putting on a virtual event doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Conversion-omics has compiled a list of Tips for Planning a Successful Virtual Event to help simplify the process and guarantee an informative, relevant, and engaging event. Additionally, many of the specialists on the Conversion-omics Team have made their way through the rigorous process of becoming a Certified Virtual Presenter. Look for the badge proudly displayed on their individual speaker pages as an indication of their dedication to the craft of professional public speaking. 


Lynne Jensen-Nelson | Founder, Conversion-omics Speakers & Consultants

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