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What We Do

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Looking to AMP UP your event with a dynamic keynote speaker? Let Conversion-omics’ engaging and compelling speakers simultaneously educate and energize your team at your organization’s next event. Keynote speeches can be delivered virtually, live stream or on-site.

Wanting to hold an event your attendees won't forget? Have a Conversion-omics speaker emcee your event to ensure your message is the focal point, while keeping the audience entertained.



Want a deep dive into one of our sales and leadership topics? Our workshops equip your team with the technique, strategy, and motivation to dramatically improve performance. Workshops can be delivered virtually, live stream or on-site.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Need a little one-on-one time? Let’s sit down and collaborate on a business strategy that will help your organization reach its goals and excel in your market. Strategy sessions can be delivered virtually, live stream or on-site.

Wondering what drives your team? Assessments help to understand an individual's talents which can lead to personal and professional development along with a higher level of satisfaction.

How We Do It

Conversion-omics was created with one goal in mind: to help organizations excel! We know you need three things to WIN as a company:

  • INFORMATION the strategies, research, and proven techniques that improve performance.
  • MOTIVATION the drive to pursue and achieve your goals.
  • INSPIRATION the vision needed to energize your work.

It’s no coincidence that these are the things we do best. Conversion-omics is the catalyst needed to effectively lead a successful team, drive sales improvement, and develop a competitive advantage!

Event Partners

Proud to partner with these professional organizations and other well know businesses.

Who We Are

We’re award winning salespeople, experienced business leaders, and consummate professionals! Our team members have decades of experience under their belts and are eager to use their individual expertise to create tailored solutions for your organization. Get to know our team and discover the right specialist for you!