About Us


"The keynote speakers you curated for us were a perfect fit, aligning seamlessly with our culture and resonating well with our diverse audience. Your commitment to excellence and attention to detail significantly contributed to the seamless flow and success of the day."

Director of People & Culture

What is Conversion-omics Speakers & Consultants?

We are a full-service talent agency equipped with expert speakers, trainers, and consultants from around the world. (Ok, mostly the US and Canada, but a girl can dream!) Offering keynote speakers, custom workshops, and business strategy and assessments all in one place, Conversion-omics takes the guesswork out of hiring a professional. Each talented team member has been vetted to ensure they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to meet the unique needs of each event and project. Need help selecting the best talent for your event? We take your specific needs into account and can give unbiased recommendations for you to consider. We are certainly not the largest, but we are striving to be the best!

Who are C-O Clients?

Event planners, business owners, sales and design professionals, industry leaders, and association directors (aka the movers and shakers) looking for a custom-tailored bureau experience. Conversion-omics works with businesses and professional organizations that come in all shapes and sizes, both domestic and international. We are also an approved provider for several small business grant programs.

Ready to Start Creating Your Perfect Event?

Conversion-omics Speakers & Consultants will help you select the best professional speaker and work collaboratively to create a custom topic to suit your audience or event needs specifically! Speakers fees will vary, but working with a speakers bureau is completely complimentary. Contact us today to start creating your perfect event.

“Both Conversion-omics speakers were engaging and entertaining. Conversion-omics was so fantastic to work with. We will definitely be using them again!”

State Programs Specialist, NRCS-NC