6 Word Choice Tips to Increase Sales

Word Choice Tips for Sales

Language affects perception; perception affects language.

Words are powerful! The buying experience is highly influenced by a salesperson’s word selection. Unfortunately, poor word choice can also lead consumers to think twice about investing in your product or service, and may even cause them to completely abandon the decision to purchase. Below are 6 word choice tips to use in the sales process to enhance the consumer’s buying experience and increase your odds of closing the sale.

Incorporate Influential Words in the Sales Process

According to a scientific study by Yale University, there are certain words that have been proven to grab the attention of consumers and produce an emotional response. Incorporating the following words into your persuasive communications will help give you an edge over competitors.

  • You
  • Results
  • Save
  • Investment
  • Love
  • Easy
  • Proven
  • Safety
  • New

Avoid Describing a Low-Cost Product as Cheap

This common mistake can negatively impact a buyer’s perception of your product’s quality. There are many better word choices to use when talking about a low-cost item. A good example would be to state that a product is budget-friendly, attractively priced, or the best value.

Use Words to Generate a Sense of Urgency

One of the best ways to motivate a customer to finalize a purchase is to create a sense of urgency. Do this by emphasizing the reasons why a purchase should be completed now as opposed to a future date.

Here are a few effective examples:

  • “Great news! We still have two home sites available in that neighborhood! Let’s hold the one you like best!”
  • “Timing is everything! If we wrap up the paperwork by the end of the day you can get the very next spot on the schedule!”

Describe Lead Time in Business Days

Many industries have long lead times that can scare away prospective customers. Rather than using weeks or months to describe lead time, make it appear shorter by using business days. It helps to soften the blow of long lead times, even though the time frames are equal. A lead time of 10-15 business days sounds much more palatable to a buyer than two or three weeks.

Avoid Bland and Boring Descriptions

The words used to describe a ground-breaking product shouldn’t be generic or uninspiring. If your company has designed a robot that will prepare your favorite meal as you are driving home from the office, you need to build some enthusiasm and anticipation in prospective customers. Describing the product as life-changing or revolutionary will help you capture the customer’s attention more than generic phrases such as, “You’ll love it” or “It’s a great product.”

Earn Consumer Trust Through Your Words

Trust is the foundation of healthy relationships between sales representatives and consumers. You can build trust through the phrases that you use to promote your products. Focusing on shared interests, speaking with confidence, and citing recent research findings are just a few ways to establish trust with consumers. Below are some effective phrases to use to build trust with your customers.

  • “Many of our customers appreciate the fact that we help them keep their project on schedule and budget. Would that be important to you?”
  • “The goal of this process is to create a space that meets the needs of everyone in your family.”

The power of word choice in the sales process should never be underestimated. As salespeople interact with customers, they should select word combinations that create a sense of urgency, earn consumer trust, and positively frame products and services. By following these guidelines, you will create a more positive buying experience, close more sales, and foster loyalty and trust with your customers.

Lynne Jensen-Nelson

Lynne Jensen-Nelson Founder, Conversion-omics Speakers & Consultants

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