Brian Gora

Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Trainer

LOCATION - Prior Lake, Minnesota

Brian is an energetic, engaging, and deeply genuine speaker who combines nearly 40 years of military aviation experience and a career as a Fortune 500 global senior executive to inspire all levels of leaders to be the best they can be. Throughout his career, Brian witnessed firsthand what happens when leaders fail and he uses his substantial real-life experience to fuel his passion for leadership development and strategic business improvement.

Popular Programs

  • Creating a Solid Strategic Plan
  • How to Develop and Deploy Annual SMART Goals
  • Establishing Metrics and Dashboards and Embracing the "Red"
  • It's all about Leadership!
  • Leading Change in your Organization

Professional Summary

Brian Gora is a former U.S. Army aviation officer, combat veteran, business owner and career Fortune 500 global senior executive. He has experience leading highly complex manufacturing and technology businesses primarily in the Aerospace industry. Brian has been all over! He has brought his expertise throughout North and South America and to Great Britain, Hong Kong, Spain, Indonesia, and Japan. He has had P&L responsibility for large, multi-national business operations with facilities around the globe and served as a chair and board member in multiple international joint ventures. To bring his passion for good leadership to others, Brian developed a successful leadership academy to teach critical skills to leaders at all levels. A high energy consultant and speaker, Brian uses his unique military, aviation and global business perspective to deliver compelling workshops and presentations.

"Brian has the ability to communicate a clear vision and purpose at all levels of the business which is engaging and motivating. Whether Brian is presenting a large [or small] group, he is clear, confident, passionate and convincing."

Don Reynolds

Areas of Expertise

  • Accountability
  • Adventure
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Company Culture
  • Construction
  • Consultant
  • Crisis Management
  • Economics
  • Energy
  • Global/International Business
  • Goal Setting
  • Goal Tracking/Dashboards
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Leadership
  • Long-Term Vision
  • Male Speakers
  • Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Military
  • Motivation / Inspiration
  • Policy Deployment
  • Project Management
  • Resilience
  • Strategic Planning
  • Supply Chain
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