Dr. Cindy M. Howard

Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer

LOCATION - Orland Park, Illinois

Dr. Cindy excels as a board-certified chiropractic internist and nutritionist, running her own successful practice. She keeps a packed schedule, treating pediatric patients, professional athletes, and everyone in between with conditions ranging from fatigue to autoimmune disease. Dr. Cindy diagnosed herself with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and that soon became the test for what she has always believed: We get to choose how we approach our lives and how we react to what the universe throws at us. Her new book, Positively Altered, celebrates this belief system. Dr. Cindy likes to test her humor at home with her kids. They like to say she’s “so not funny that it makes her funny,” which is confusing because doesn’t that mean she is funny? When Dr. Cindy’s not seeing patients or speaking onstage, she’s navigating life in the south suburbs of Chicago with her boyfriend, Keith, and her three amazing kids.

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Professional Summary

Dr. Cindy M. Howard has been a modern dancer, title-winning powerlifter, saleswoman, and
successful business owner. As a board-certified chiropractic internist, nutritionist, and national speaker, she works to help others live their best lives emotionally and physically. Dr. Cindy practices in the south suburbs of Chicago, where she lives with her family.

“Dr. Howard is a double threat! When she’s presenting, she’ll not only deliver the most current, cutting-edge information possible but also do it in a way that is educational and engaging. I’ve had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Howard for years and love sharing a podium and her energy.”

Dr. A Sokoloff, DACBSP | Clinical Dir., Yalich Clinic for Performance and Rehabilitation

Areas of Expertise

  • Adversity
  • Attitude
  • Confidence
  • Female Speakers
  • Health and Wellness
  • Healthcare
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Personal Growth
  • Resilience
  • Women in Business
Lynne Jensen Award Winning Speaker

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