Jana Shelfer

Keynote Speaker, Trainer

LOCATION - Orlando, Florida

Jana Shelfer is a three-time Paralympian gold and bronze medalist and a champion of overcoming obstacles! For more than a decade, she was a national media personality, where she entertained and helped listeners navigate the challenges of life using fun and humor. As a change and transition expert, Jana understands the three main reasons we go through a catalytic transition: shock, opportunity, and growth. Through her personal experience with all three, Jana inspires people to live their best lives through love, light, and laughter.

Popular Programs

  • Finding the Gold Within
  • Radical Gratitude
  • Create the Life You Love
  • Just Be You

Professional Summary

Jana is a creative soul who experiences life through art, stories, thoughts, feelings, and actions. She studied broadcast journalism with a minor in psychology. Competitive sports have always taught discipline, teamwork, and goal-setting. Jana was a member of Team USA from 1994–2004, traveling around the globe, educating others about wheelchair sports, and winning the gold medal in Greece. Jana had the opportunity to work as a radio personality for the #1-rated talk show of its kind on XM Radio for 12 years, where she learned story-telling, building rapport, and relationship skills. For the past decade, Jana has been fully invested in her personal development in the areas of psychology, neurolinguistics, energy, and spirituality, which have become her focal points when facilitating groups, workshops, and speaking.

"Expect to have your limiting beliefs shattered and your dreams made achievable with this team on your side!"

Monica Belye

Areas of Expertise

  • Adversity
  • Attitude
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Energy
  • Female Speakers
  • Gratitude
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Mindset
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Personal Growth
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