Dr. Michelle Janning

Author, Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Trainer

LOCATION - Walla Walla, Washington

Dr. Michelle Janning is an internationally acclaimed sociologist and award-winning speaker, author, educator, researcher, and consultant whose work centers on new ways to think about the intersections of social roles and relationships and the objects and spaces we encounter in our daily lives. Dr. Janning has published six books, more than 50 articles, essays, and reports, and has been featured in media stories about design, relationships, and social inequalities in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, NBC News, The Atlantic, Real Simple, and the BBC, among others. An engaging and humorous communicator and innovative thinker, Janning’s extensive experience teaching and speaking to a diverse array of organizations and groups across the country gives her the ability to connect with any audience.

Popular Programs

  • People Research Toolkit for Design
  • Work-Home Boundaries and Balance
  • Work, Life and Love in the Digital Age
  • What Do I Do With All of My Stuff?!

Professional Summary

Michelle Janning, who holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame, is uniquely positioned to inspire audiences to think in new ways about how design and our social world intersect. A tenured full professor who holds an endowed chair in the social sciences at Whitman College, Dr. Janning has taught thousands of students and held prestigious academic positions in three countries. Outside of the classroom she has shepherded multiple organizations through successful strategic planning and system redesign, and has inspired audiences in 50+ keynote presentations to rethink how roles, relationships, and inequalities connect to design and the built environment–with a focus on work-home boundaries and the impact of technology on our lives. As an expert in design thinking, qualitative and quantitative “people research” methods, and social patterns that shape consumer style and lifestyle preferences, Dr. Janning is equipped to work with any organization wishing to collect and leverage good data about how people really live their lives in order to create inclusive and socially sustainably-designed products, spaces, systems, and services. Socially sustainable design simultaneously enhances community well-being and drives design innovation and business success. Dr. Janning not only packs her programs with rich content and the latest and most compelling research findings, she does it with boundless energy, compassionate empathy, and ample doses of humor!

“Dr. Michelle Janning is a fabulous speaker with a strong ability to engage audiences! ...she wove her research into real life stories that captivated the audience.”

Ellie Cross | Museum of Northwest Art

Areas of Expertise

  • Author
  • Business Consultant
  • Customer Experience
  • Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion
  • Female Speakers
  • Interior Design
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Project Management
  • Relationships
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