Sydne Jacques

Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Trainer

LOCATION - Provo, Utah

Sydne is a professional speaker and licensed engineer devoted to propelling individuals and organizations to new heights of engagement, retention, and profitability. As the founder and CEO of Next Level Leadership, an award-winning consulting firm with clients around the world, Sydne utilizes her unique experience and accomplishments to provide audiences with both the mindset and the skill set for leaders to rise to the next level! Sydne has consulted with over 600 different teams and is writing a book called The Retention Revolution: How to Reduce Turnover, Increase Profits, and Create Cultures Where People Want to Stay. Sydne also earned a gold medal in the women’s basketball shooting competition at the senior Olympics.

Popular Programs

  • Next-Level Leadership: Smart Strategies to Take Your Organization to the Next Level
  • The Trust Edge: Leading with Greater Influence and Trust
  • Bridging the Generation & Communication Gaps

Professional Summary

Sydne has been featured by Utah Business magazine as one of the “30 Women to Watch” and is a two-time winner of the “Best of State” Award, recognized for her leadership in creating and operating GALAXY, a leadership program for 6th grade students. Sydne has facilitated team building for over 350 different teams. She is also a certified facilitator with the International Partnering Institute and the “Trust Edge” training course, as well as the co-founder of Power Women Lead, an organization dedicated to empowering women and strengthening organizations.

“Sydne was a standout speaker, because she had a serious message that she delivered with a memorable style. Sydne combined the logic of an engineer with the superb skills of a seasoned speaker.”

Denise Haaser | Director of HR, Baker Concrete Construction

Areas of Expertise

  • Communication
  • Company Culture
  • Construction
  • Female Speakers
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
Lynne Jensen Award Winning Speaker

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