Annie Meehan

Speaker, Author, Coach
Health & Wellness, Leadership, Sales

As a widely embraced international speaker, Annie Meehan has helped legions transform themselves from a life of ‘muddling along’ to one of sustained focus that showcases success after success. As an expert on living an exceptional life, Meehan is the catalyst to motivate you to obliterate any and all roadblocks that stand in your way. As a keynote speaker, she has presented to countless corporations, associations, and non-profit organizations, providing actionable strategies to strategically manage change, recognize the enormous power of words, and eliminate long-held excuses that keep people from attaining their goals. Her passion and charismatic essence engage people in new and exciting ways, which ignites people to seize a more enriching and fulfilled path forward.

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Professional Summary

Prior to becoming a professional motivational speaker, Meehan worked for a financial investment company for nine years, where she compiled five promotions in a male-dominated workplace. After leaving the corporate arena, she ventured into the entrepreneurial realm where she owned and operated two fitness franchise locations and built a successful direct sales team of more than 250 people.  Meehan is a National Speakers Association (NSA) member, past president of the NSA’s Minnesota chapter, and was recently inducted into the Minnesota Speaker Hall of Fame. She has earned the highest distinction as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). An author of six motivational books, her work includes the award-winning, Be The Exception. Meehan's latest book, Pineapple Principle, offers hospitality a sweet journey to exceptional customer experience. Today her passion is to share her concept of "H3 Cultures" with companies to help them create a Healthy, Hopeful, and Happy workplace that retains an engaged workforce!


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"Annie was outstanding - one of the best speakers I have ever seen. She made us laugh, made us cry and more importantly made us think. A great message of telling ourselves the right story and taking care of ourselves and others."

Ryan J. Kramer | Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual Chicagoland

High Energy

"She was full of energy that our audience could feel even through the event being virtual. Annie has a story that is inspiring to everyone that listens, our audience left feeling inspired and wanting more. If you're looking for a motivational speaker with high energy, Annie is the one!"

Shelby Chaney | Membership & Program Coordinator, Troy Area Chamber of Commerce


"Annie is a class-act, a sparkplug, a ball of energy, and a love letter all wrapped up in a tiny package. Expertly wavering between confidence, self-deprecation, humor, intensity, power, and vulnerability, Annie connected on a personal level with each person there.”

Joe Webb | President, DealerKnows