Why Edutainment?

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Entertainment is an important part of our daily lives, but did you know that entertainment is vital to education? Read on to learn how entertainment provides audiences with a fresh mind that accommodates the learning process!

Shared laughter unites audiences- Featuring speakers who use entertainment in their presentations benefits everyone! Relaxed, laughing audiences who are having fun connect much more easily with the speaker and each other. A united audience is much more receptive to the message you are sending!

Boost audience engagement- When speaking professionals use edutainment, they successfully close the gap (both physical and mental) between the speaker and the audience. When audiences are truly listening, they can learn more!

Increase information retention- Research shows that humor activates the brain’s dopamine reward system. Dopamine is important for both goal-oriented motivation and long-term memory. Professional speakers know that by using entertainment, comedy, and humor to engage their audiences, their messages will hit harder and stick longer!

Leave a lasting impression on your audience- People naturally remember and talk about things that they enjoy. Make your event the hot topic of conversation for weeks to come by booking a speaker who knows how to entertain while they educate!

Conversion-omics has many speakers who are experts at using edutainment to engage audiences everywhere! Working with a speaker’s bureau like Conversion-omics Speakers & Consultants makes the booking process simple. With just one point of contact, gain access to numerous professional speakers who know how to edutain!


Lynne Jensen-Nelson | Founder, Conversion-omics Speakers & Consultants

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