James Robilotta

Author, Emcee, Keynote Speaker, Trainer

LOCATION - St. Paul, Minnesota

James Robilotta is a leadership author, motivational speaker, emcee, and trained improv comedian. After years of building, training, and leading teams, James followed an entrepreneurial dream and built two successful businesses. The first is an organization that incorporates freestyle rap into improv comedy (a success story for another day). And the second is his speaking and coaching business (a success story for today).

James has been speaking internationally to willing and unwilling audiences since 2009 and has found that quality humor is the secret to hosting powerful conversations that make a genuine impact. His attendees leave feeling recharged, introspective, and ready to get out of their own way.

Popular Programs

  • Do You Even Know Me?: How genuine curiosity sparks loyalty and retention
  • Leading Imperfectly: The value of being authentic for leaders, professionals, and human beings
  • Find Your Third Place: A work/life balance conversation that’s actually helpful
  • IMPROV Your Teamwork and Communication
  • Love in Leadership: The secret to managing and retaining talent

Professional Summary

With years of research (and a few too many real-life case studies within his work), James has learned everything he can about fighting apathy and building strong company cultures. He uses this insight to help leaders manage and retain talent and give feedback that sticks, and to help organizations create community buy-in using curiosity. 

James’ cornerstone concept is that we as humans can’t learn from people who are perfect, we can only learn from people who are imperfect. And companies like American Express, GE, Accenture, and Afterpay have gravitated toward this message and found the insights to be invaluable in shifting the way their people show up for each other. 

James is working to bring humanity and community back into the workplace. He is on a mission to ensure that people are seen, heard, respected… and giggling a little, too.

“James was a breath of fresh air for our company who is suffering burnout from all the uncertainty of the world. It was nice to have a company event that didn’t feel corporate at all, James is as authentic as they come.”

Liz Russell | Workplace Operations Manager, AFTERPAY

Areas of Expertise

  • Change Management
  • Comedy, Entertainment, & Humor
  • Communication
  • Company Culture
  • Confidence
  • Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion
  • Emcee / Moderator
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Leadership
  • Life Balance
  • Male Speakers
  • Motivation / Inspiration
  • Personal Growth
  • Relationships
  • Team Building
  • Youth & Schools
Lynne Jensen Award Winning Speaker

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