Now What? Thoughts on Positioning Your Business for the Second Half.

What now? Here we are, a little over a year from the start of the COVID-19 restrictions and shut downs. Businesses, community activities, sporting events and many other in-person happenings are opening back up for the most part. People are getting out and getting back to “normal” as we all look forward to the start of summer. But…

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5 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

High traffic events like trade shows, conventions, and home tours can give your business a real boost in brand awareness – if you know how to stand out from the rest of the selling crowd. This idea hit home again recently when I spent the day on a luxury model home tour. Builders pay big…

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The Importance of Follow Up

Sales Training

It still surprises me when a salesperson asks, “How soon should I follow up with a potential customer?” Too often they aren’t sure how to react. Should they wait a bit so that they don’t appear too desperate or jump in immediately and follow up as quickly? Let’s make this easy. There’s one rule in…

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6 Word Choice Tips to Increase Sales

Word Choice Tips for Sales

Language affects perception; perception affects language. Words are powerful! The buying experience is highly influenced by a salesperson’s word selection. Unfortunately, poor word choice can also lead consumers to think twice about investing in your product or service, and may even cause them to completely abandon the decision to purchase. Below are 6 word choice…

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